Friday, December 3, 2010

ARZA and URJ open Carmel Fire - Israel Emergency Fund

You can help. ARZA and the URJ, with our partners, the Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism, will help rebuild human lives through the IMPJ Humanitarian Fund.  Contributing to our Carmel Fire-Israel Emergency Fund* is one more way for you to participate in building Israel, the land that we love.

To contribute to this effort, go to:

Carmel Fire-Israel Emergency Fund

If you live in Canada, you can donate online by going to:

Or if you prefer to mail your contribution, you may send it to:


633 Third Ave, 7th Floor

New York, NY 10017

*Neither ARZA nor the URJ withholds any overhead costs for Emergency Funds, with the exception of direct costs such as credit card fees.

Israel's Tragic Fire: How You Can Help

Israel’s Tragic Fire: How You Can Help

Israel has been hit by an unprecedented disaster. A wildfire raging in the north near Haifa has taken at least 42 lives. Thousands of acres of forest have been destroyed and entire villages have been blackened.

The Israel Project is working to get out the facts globally about the fire and the need for help. You can donate to this by going here.

The Jewish Federations of North America has sent up a fund. Checks can be sent to the Israel Forest Fire Disaster Relief Fund, Wall Street Station, PO Box 148, New York, NY 10268. They should be made out to The Jewish Federations of North America. Or donate through

The Jewish National Fund has several different ways to help:
To arm the firefighters with the protective gear and equipment they need, go to

To Replenish Trees in Israel’s Forests
- Donate $10 by texting JNF to 20222 from your cell phone.

- Go to and plant a tree.   for online emergency donations to Magen David Adom, with regard to servicing victims of fire outside of Haifa.

 Adapted from combined sources 

Arson suspects apprehended rekindling forest fire in Israel

Coastal District Police Commander Roni Attia said Friday that two arson suspects were apprehended in the North, near Kiryat Bialik.

The suspects were allegedly attempting to rekindle a fire in the forest with the use of Molotov cocktails. Police are not connecting the arsonists at this stage to the massive fires in the Carmel and Atlit but rather to the fire which broke out earlier at the Tzur Shalom area of Kiryat Bialik

Attia added that arson is suspected in a number of separate fires, including Kiryat Bialik and Kiryat Tivon.

Earlier on Friday, police found a bike, a bag, and a wig inside near a fire center in Tzur Shalom, leading them to believe that the fire was caused by an arsonist or arsonists.

Police Spokesman Micky Rosenfeld told the Post that there are 3 fire centers - Tzur Shalom, the Atlit - Tirat Hacarmel area, and the Carmel hillsides. In one, Tzur Shalom, north of Haifa, "we located suspicious items pointing to arson. As for the other two major fires, it is too early and the incidents are to large in scale to know their causes at this stage." The death toll in the fires rose to 42 on Friday, according to Army Radio.

Galillee police were spread out over the area searching for suspects.
Source: Jerusalem Post,  12.3.2010