Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Iowa to Israel for Free: Jewish individuals ages 18-26 via Des Moines Partnership With Israel and Birthright Israel

 Parents, Grandparents:  Help get the word out!
From: Jewish Federation of Greater Des Moines and our Consortium's Partnership With Israel    logo partnership
Re:  A free trip to Israel this summer for Jewish individuals ages 18-26
A Guaranteed seat on the Consortium's summer trip to Israel for all who qualify for Birthright Israel/Taglit and have an Iowa connection.
The free* Birthright Israel trips to Israel are very popular.  In fact, there are thousands of qualified individuals who have been wait listed! 
In fact, the Hillel at the University of Iowa has been allocated only 5 seats for the summer trip.  However... those who qualify for Birthright Israel  and have an Iowa connection will be guaranteed a seat on the Central Area Consortium's trip.   But... applications are due  February 15, 2011.   [Use the taglit.IsraelExperts.com website]
For information about Birthright Israel see  www.birthrightisrael.com    *The trips are free but for domestic air connections, some meals, and gratuities. ( Questions? Contact Jerry Soroking, U Iowa Hillel Director,  gerald-sorokin@uiowa.edu)
 **** Who should apply to this special offer?
  • Any Jewish student who studies or works in Iowa, ages 18-26
  • Any Jewish student whose family resides in Iowa but who may be studying or working elsewhere.  ( We can even extend this offer to a close Jewish friend or relative of the applicant, if they qualify for birthright Israel!)
Registration opens February 15th.   At this stage, applicants should  join the  mailing list http://taglit.israelexperts.com/registration/mailing-list. They should choose the option for the Central Area Consortium trip. Once they sign up, participants will automatically receive information in the coming weeks about the registration process.

 They can also see an outline of the registration steps here: http://taglit.israelexperts.com/registration/registration-steps. But the actual registration for the summer trips opens only on February 15th. Again, those on our mailing list will get reminders and instructions for registration.

 PLEASE take advantage of this WONDERFUL opportunity! 

For information about the Central Area Consortium of Partnership With Israel, see www.westerngalillee.org.il  

For those who would like to sponsor a trip for a random student, contact elaine@dmjfed.org


 Jacob Lederman, Chair, Des Moines Partnership With Israel  lederman71@msn.com    

 For info, contact: Mark Finkelstein,  P2K Staff, jcrc@dmjfed.org            

 Elaine Steinger,  Executive Director, Jewish Federation of Greater Des Moines   elaine@dmjfed.org