Sunday, March 27, 2011

JCRC Action Alert: Help Iowa divest public funds from Iran!

A Coalitional Action Alert from the Jewish Community Relations Commission of the Jewish Federation of Greater Des Moines     Contact:

 Dear Fellow Iowans,

 A very important piece of legislation is before us in the Iowa Legislature and a coalition of Iowans, including Veterans groups, needs your help.  Our objective is for Iowa to become the 24th state to divest specified public funds from assisting Iran's oil industry.  To do this, we ask you to contact your local State Senator --immediately -- and respectfully request that he or she votes in favor of House File 484.

   House File 484 protects our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan by instructing the public pension boards to divest our direct holdings (not co-mingled funds like mutual funds) from foreign companies that do business with Iran’s petroleum industry.  Iran’s petroleum industry is owned by the Iranian government which has direct links to the arms being used to fight and kill our troops overseas.  (Talking points on this important issue are appended to this e-mail.)

  Please email your  State Senator Today  to support House File 484  

Instructions:   To find your Senator and their email please follow this link:  (Alternately, you can find the name of your State Senator on this map: Http://  ) 

A Sample Letter in Support of House File 484.  Remember to include your address, so you can be identified as a constitutent -- and have your letter read.

Dear Senator_______;

I am a constituent of yours and would like to voice my support for House File 484.  This bill divests direct holdings from the public pensions companies that do business with Iran’s petroleum industry.  I support the 23 other states that have supported our troops overseas by taking this action. I do not want any of Iowa taxpayers’ money going to a regime that is supplying weapons and explosive devices to American opposition in Iraq and Afghanistan.  The cost of taking this action is very minimal and regardless I do not want to see us investing in a country that is putting our troops in harm’s way.  It is my understanding that “terror-free” investing is not any less profitable. 

The bill passed the House overwhelmingly 88-3.  The bill is currently in a subcommittee whose members include Senators Kibbie, Horn and Behn and to avoid the session procedural deadlines it must pass out of Senate State Government by April 1st

I hope you agree with me and vote or encourage your colleagues to vote for House File 484.