Sunday, January 23, 2011

Reut: BDS Movement promotes delegitimization against Israel

A report, issued in June of 2011 by the Reut Institute on the so-termed
'Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions" Movement targeting Israel's
legitimacy. Reut asserts that BDS measures go beyond legitimate
criticism of Israeli policies and that even partial BDS measures serve
the end goal of, bluntly, removing Israel as the Jewish state. Their
full report is online at
-- Mark Finkelstein,

The BDS Movement Promotes Delegitimization against Israel

The wave of cancellations by international artists and the increasing
calls to boycott Israel are being led by the BDS Movement which under
the disguise of a progressive liberal movement is in practice promoting
delegitimization. The issue of Reviews reveals the true nature of the
BDS Movement.

In theory, the BDS Movement promotes human rights, international
justice, and peace. In practice, it advances the delegitimization of the
State of Israel by undermining - whether explicitly or implicitly - its
right to exist as a Jewish and democratic state.

Since Operation Cast Lead in early 2009, there have been increasing
efforts within global civil society to isolate Israel. The BDS Movement
- an umbrella organization composed of loosely coordinated
non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and individuals - stands behind
these attempts to isolate Israel. These efforts - which consist of
pressure on individuals and organizations to economically or culturally
boycott Israel, institutions and organizations to divest from Israel,
and governments to sanction Israel - peaked in the aftermath of the
flotilla affair on May 31, 2010.

It is very probable that many, and maybe even most, BDS supporters do
not consider themselves to be delegitimizers, and genuinely aim to
criticize Israeli policies. Their association with the Movement results
from a purposeful effort advanced by the BDS Movement catalysts to
depict it as apolitical and akin to progressive human rights movements,
in order to harness the liberal European and North American elite and
enlist wide public support.

However, in this document we seek to demonstrate how the BDS Movement
Catalysts are clear delegitimizers, in many cases stated outright, and
in others demonstrated by their: consistent singling out of Israel,
efforts to undermine Israeli-Palestinian cooperation, promotion of the
right of return, and comparison between Israel and apartheid. In
addition, as far as BDS Movement catalysts are concerned, even selective
or partial boycotts serve the overall goal of delegitimization.