Thursday, August 18, 2011

Jewish Federation: Stand with Israel against contractors of terrorism

Statement from The Jewish Federation of Greater Des Moines      August 18, 2011
The Jewish Federation of Greater Des Moines condemns the multiple cross border attacks by Arab terrorists today on southern Israel from the Sinai.  We join with the people of Israel in mourning those whose lives were taken by the terrorists, including the two children ages 4 and 6.
We stand with Israel as it seeks to protect its citizens from further attacks. 
 Israel is committed to negotiating peace with the Palestinians.  It is prepared to make hard concessions to provide for a two state resolution, recognizing Palestine as the state of the Palestinian people.
 But to do so, the Palestinian leadership must speak with one voice for peace, for acceptance of Israel as the Jewish homeland and for a permanent end to the conflict.  
Make no mistake about it: Such attacks as the ones today are intended to encourage others to weaken and eliminate Israel -- in this case, by establishing a southern front, once secured by the peace treaty with Egypt.  There is already a northern front, threatened by Hizballah.  There is the western front, threatened by Hamas.  And there is an overall threat by both alQaeda and the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary regime.  None of the above named bodies -- under any conditions, no matter what conciliatory policy Israel adopts in the West Bank-- accepts the concept of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state.   The attacks on Israel, including attacks on its civilians  from Gaza or Sinai are designed to displace Israel, not change its policies.
It is important, therefore, that Americans stand with Israel against the contractors of terrorism and that Americans demand that the Palestinian leadership speak with one voice for peace.
Mark S. Finkelstein
Director of Community Relations
Jewish Federation of Greater Des Moines
33158 Ute Avenue
Waukee, IA  50263
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