Thursday, April 8, 2010

Rhode Island Flood Relief

The Rhode Island community was recently hit hard by major flooding
throughout the state. Several people are in shelters while others are in
the process of digging out. A group called NECHAMA, a Jewish Response
to Disaster located in Minnesota has surveyed Rhode Island and are now
in the process of deploying equipment to the state. NECHAMA will clean
up the muck and sanitize rooms that were affected. We expect them to
arrive this week-end. We are looking for volunteers to help us clean up
Rhode Island.

Please note that they will train all volunteers. We expect them to be in
the area for 4 weeks or as long as it takes to clean up Rhode Island.
They will also assist people in contacting the right agencies such as
FEMA. For more information about NECHAMA I suggest you go to their

If you know of anyone who would like to volunteer their services have
them contact Wendy Joering at the Jewish Federation of Rhode Island. She
is handling the triage efforts. Her email address is
Her federation number is 401 421-4111 ext. 169.

While the Jewish Federation of Rhode Island is involved with the
program, this really is an interfaith initiative. Please forward this to
other organizations of faith so that we can make sure we have done what
it takes to get Rhode Island back on its feet.

Marty Cooper

Community Relations Director
Jewish Federation of Rhode Island
130 Sessions Street
Providence, RI 02906

401.421.4111 x 171

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